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Stories are what makes us human. From meticulous brand design and humorous Twitter accounts to chit-chat over coffee and overheard conversations - stories define who we are, how we see the world and most importantly, what we believe. From a young age I've always obsessed with one side of this art: sound.

To follow my passion, I became a voice actor in English and German, taking over the most direct form of storytelling. I voice all kinds of content, from city tour guides drenched in history, to Youtube Entertainment explaining concepts, facts, riddles and just fun ideas. Working on audiobooks and commercials, I've realised the importance of adjusting style and voice to different target audiences.

Otherwise, what content is there, that focuses mainly on sound? Welcome to the 21st century, it's time for Podcasts to shine. Working on Podcasts I take the seat of Editor and Producer. I make sure conversations sound fluent but natural, attention levels are peaked and stories are told as honestly and authentically as imagineable. And if it's not clear yet, I absolutely love Podcasts. A medium that brings out the best in us: our real characters, our most impressive stories, our biggest hopes and dreams. 


Lawrence Maximilian

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